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How to Apply


VFS is the only Official Channel approved by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to complete your E-Visa application.

Beware of Fraudulent travel agencies offering an express visa or claiming to expedite your E-Visa application. The Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the only authorized party to approve or deny your Visa and, do NOT offer an express visa service.

In 3 simple Steps your eVisa application is ready!

1st step: Provide the needed information

You can submit your application through the VFS website or using a cell phone. The first step of the eVisa application is to register on the website or on mobile app. Provide all the requested information. If you are a minor it may be necessary to upload additional documents (you can click here for more information), including documents and personal data.

Important notes:

  • In this step, you will have to select the country/region as per the passport that you hold. If you have dual nationality, you must select the nationality of the passport that you will use for your travel.
  • If the country of the passport registered on the eVisa is different from the passport used to travel, the eVisa will not be valid.
  • The only travel document that can be used in the eVisa application process is your regular passport. Other travel documents are not acceptable for eVisa application.
  • Stable connection required to apply the application :

    Please note that in order to have a seamlessly process in your brazil E-visa application, you will need a stable working internet connection. In the event your connection being unstable, an error message will be prompted for security reasons.

Please click here to fill the online application form.

While filling your application form make sure to validate all the necessary fields correctly as per your passport.

2nd step: Pay the fee:

After providing all the required information, you have to make the fee payment through the Payment gateway. You can pay the fees using a MasterCard, Visa and Union Pay credit/debit card. It is not necessary for the card to be under your name. Make sure that your card has “3D Secure System” and is enabled to make international transactions.

3rd step: Download the e-Visa

If the fee payment is successful, and a visa is granted you will receive a .pdf file containing your eVisa. You must download and print your eVisa and present it at the moment of your boarding and landing in Brazil, we also recommend that you keep a copy of the .pdf file in your cell phone.

Important note:

  • If you don’t print and present your eVisa at the airport, you will not be allowed to board the airplane.
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