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Partnering Governments. Providing Solutions.


At VFS Global, innovation is a constant endeavour and is strongly believed in for its importance to establish and maintain a competitive advantage in its industry. VFS Global promotes and supports innovative thinking across the company and holds rich innovative service portfolio. Some of the key innovative offerings introduced by VFS Global are:

Location Independent Document Processing Solution (LIDProTM)*



LIDProTM is a technology-driven electronic innovation, developed for, and in association with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA), Finland. This solution is currently implemented at the Finland Visa Application Centres (VAC) in St. Petersburg, for the Consulate General of Finland in St Petersburg, the largest visa issuing post in the world among the Schengen countries, handling over one million applications annually, and at the Finland VACs in Moscow, Petrozavodsk, Murmansk in Russia & Kiev, Ukraine. A breakthrough initiative by VFS Global, LIDProTM is built to allow location independent visa processing across multiple locations and geographies, to handle application loads.

Significant benefits for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland:

  • Unified and standardised assessment process
  • Easy monitoring, control and administration
  • Cost savings on staffing and infrastructure
  • Load balancing - Ability to handle increasing application counts
  • Electronic archiving

*Patent pending. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved by VFS Global

Video Interviewing Hub for Home Office – UK Visas & Immigration (formerly UK Border Agency)




VFS Global has pioneered many cutting-edge technologies to assist client governments in strengthening immigration control and easing the procedure of visa applications for prospective travellers.

For managing the UK visa process for a very large number of students across the world, VFS Global has set up a video interviewing hub in Sheffield, UK. The hub enables the Home Office – UK Visas & Immigration staff members in Sheffield to interview visa applicants sitting across UK Visa Application Centres (UK VACs) in different parts of the world.

The video interviewing hub is equipped with:

  • 60 workstations
  • 60 desktops
  • High definition (1280x720) webcams
  • Plantronics Blackwire C600 series headset and microphone
  • Microsoft (MS) Lync online software
  • 60 telephone handset as a backup

MS Lync online is capable of running high definition videos, at low bandwidth and support one-to-one or one-to-many (three or more) conferencing. This is a critical factor enabling Home Office – UK Visas & Immigration to bring in interpreters/ evaluators during the interview process.

The video interviewing hub connects to the worldwide UK VACs equipped with MS Lync, high definition webcams, headset and microphone. Thus, it enables UK Visas & Immigration staff at the hub in Sheffield to conduct interviews of the students located in remote locations through video conferencing.

This technologically advanced service facility is housed in a secure site hosted by the company’s IT services partner, Hewlett Packard (HP).

Joint Visa Application Centre (JVAC)


The JVAC is out-of-the-box initiative by VFS Global to increase convenience and improve accessibility to its services for visa applicants.

The JVAC facilitates visa application processing for several countries from a single location making the process simple and expedient for an applicant. Although the JVAC is a common point for submitting visa applications to any of the countries, the decision to issue visas remains solely with the respective missions.

VFS Global has successfully implemented the JVAC model in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Tourism Promotion


VFS Global offers an innovative service to the client governments by partnering with their country’s tourism board to offer travel-related services to the visa applicants. This unique association works towards promoting tourism, thus increasing revenues and goodwill for our client’s business.

One such unique association established by VFS Global is with VisitBritain - the National Tourism Agency of Great Britain. Through this association a unique brand ‘Britain Travel Shop’ was created at UK Visa Application Centres with a mission to build the value of tourism to Britain, working in partnership with the industry, nations and regions.


Brian Davidson
Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Thailand

Hugh Keachie
Customer Service Excellence Standard Assessor at Centre for Assessment (CFA) in Manchester, UK

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