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Partnering Governments. Providing Solutions.

Security Practices

Organisations face a level of inherent risks as part of doing business, therefore effective and proficient security is a vital part of a business delivering value.

Security is required for their own specific operations, corporate sensitivities and their interactions with customers and partners.

With a background covering due diligence, fraud prevention, criminal investigations, new property assessment and protection, security systems engineering, information security and disaster recovery planning, VFS Global is adept in identifying and understanding the relationships between risks and security solutions.

At VFS Global, security and confidentiality of clients data is the highest priority.  Therefore, we have developed high quality and extremely robust Security Solutions at each level. Security of all our premises is ensured by putting electronic and physical measures in place. As security is crucial to our efficiency and performance, we cover every base, from the location of the office premises down to the IT systems deployed.

Corporate Security Function Objective

Identify and effectively mitigate, at an early stage, any developments that may threaten the resilience and operations of the Visa Services provided to the diplomatic missions to ensure security, continuity and safety. The corporate security function oversees and manages the close coordination of all functions within the company that are concerned with security, continuity and safety.

Security Doctrine

Embracing the concept of commitment based security; VFS Global strives to deliver security as an integral part of the daily working practice across the company. This way we ensure that security is the responsibility of all and is not just delivered discretely by a central security department.

Each office is responsible for the implementation of an appropriate security programme that is practical, cost-effective, in compliance with relevant laws and regulations and proportional to the risk presented.  While it is incumbent on each office individually to define and adopt those security measures best suited to address the threats it faces; these measures are aligned to the corporate security programme.

Risk Management Methodology (Physical and Operational Security)



VFS Global has always adopted the philosophy of deploying risk-based security mitigation measures. A Comprehensive Risk Assessment programme includes audits at various stages of the project as mentioned bellow:

  • Site Security Evaluation to identify the facilities for operations
  • Physical Security Risk Assessment prior to commencement of services to determine adequate risk mitigation and protection measures are deployed
  • Regular Periodic Risk Assessments to ensure compliance to the Security Programme

The above measures are taken to ensure that all stake holders are aware of the risks to the VACs and VFS Global business and corrective/protective measures are accordingly incorporated.

Visa Application Security Practices

The risk-spectrum for VFS Global comprises factors emanating from people, processes, environment and technology. As per the best industry practices, the corresponding risk-treatment measures put in place include the following:

  • Pre-employment screening and reference checks
  • Policy guidelines and operating procedures
  • Robust entry control procedures
  • Physical layered security and electronic access control systems 
  • Electronic onsite and offsite surveillance through CCTV Cameras
  • Intruder and panic alarms to arrest any situation of duress
  • Periodic trainings through experienced security management staff and online modules
  • Implementation of fraud prevention practices

Constant review and improvement of security processes and resources is a continual on-going task ensuring the integrity of our services to the missions and applicants.

Global Security Operations Centre

The Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) at VFS Global is at the centre of the technology initiative and assures the team and the stakeholders that security and contractual compliances are critical to our service delivery. This helps VFS Global adopt a proactive approach to address potential business-disruptive issues and events. Incidentally, VFS Global is among the few companies to operate a global command centre. The alarm monitoring and reporting capabilities of the GSOC provide a high level of assurance on business resilience and compliance to the management, partners and business stakeholders.

Some of the Key Features of GSOC:

  • Access authorisation and control
  • Remote monitoring of alarms
  • Remote surveillance of critical incidents
  • Management of intelligence reports and alerts
  • Incident management and trend analysis
  • Secure transportation through vehicle tracking
  • Enterprise wide coordination on security matters
  • Key tool for security compliance and governance

Fraud Prevention Programme

VFS Global has adopted the three-point process of Prevention, Deterrence and Detection with the following key aspects:

  • Background screening of all employees
  • Follow a “Code of Business Conduct”
  • Segregation of duties and multiple audit checks including supervisory control
  • Contract management with third party contractors and partners
  • Physical security management (prevent touting, crowd control and access control to the back office areas)
  • Onsite surveillance of the facility through CCTV by security or unit management personnel
  • Information security through tested policy implementation with centralised control
  • Effective incident management programme on both information and physical security breaches
  • Mystery shopping and integrity checks to ensure integrity of the processes and VAC facilities
  • A complete corporate and information security set-up across the globe

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Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Thailand

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Customer Service Excellence Standard Assessor at Centre for Assessment (CFA) in Manchester, UK

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