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VFS Global, Partnering Governments. Providing Solutions.
Partnering Governments. Providing Solutions.

Identity Management & Citizen Services


VFS Global’s Identity Management and Citizen Services Frameworks are based on providing our clients across the globe with:

  • Infrastructure, people and technology
  • Operational, logistical and lifecycle support
  • Systems, solutions and service integration capabilities

Uniquely, VFS Global offers these services as either self-standing components or by bringing them together as an integrated and managed service. Our services include assisted applications, registration, biometric solutions to assure and manage identity, document management, video conferencing facilities, authentication and reporting services.

The following links provide more detailed information on these services.


Identity Management Services

VFS Global is proud to support our clients in the transformation of their Border, Migration and Identity Management systems. Our experience gained from close collaboration with our client governments has given us a unique understanding of their business and the security, political and economic challenges they face, as well as the high expectations around their public service delivery standards.

We understand that identity assurance has moved to the heart of our clients’ transformational change programmes, as they balance high quality public service delivery with security and value for money. VFS Global is therefore supporting our client governments across the globe with a standardised and robust identity management framework providing infrastructure, people, technology, systems and service integration and lifecycle support.

VFS Global’s Identity Management framework supports clients across the broad range of identity-based services featured in the illustration below:

VFS Global Identity Management Framework


Our framework enables our client governments to achieve:

  • Improved performance
  • Effective decision-making processes
  • Secure and efficient access to services
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Reduced identity fraud
  • Efficient risk management
  • Increased public confidence
  • Improved national security
  • Value for money

Citizen Services

Central, Regional and Local Governments  are increasingly turning to  trusted external partners to provide secure, cost-effective and high-quality tailored services, enabling them to reduce identity fraud and improved national security and governance, while providing better quality and greater access to services within a tight financial framework.

VFS Global’s outsourcing model provides infrastructure, people, technology, systems and service integration and lifecycle support.  All of this is delivered through our Citizen Service Centres, which provide a secure, modern and well-appointed front and back office environment with highly trained, vetted and professional personnel.

VFS Global offers real expertise and an extensive global network to support clients in the delivery of the following range of Citizen Services featured in the illustration below:

VFS Global’s Citizen Services Framework

Our end-to-end services include:

  • Establishing and operating centres across multiple locations
  • Assisted applications to guide citizens through the entire process
  • Interview facilitation for our clients including video conference services
  • Queue Management Systems
  • Longer, more convenient opening hours
  • Hardware and back-end software applications, designed to the particular service and client requirements
  • Dedicated website and call centre services, with multi-channel access
  • Fee-handling and management on behalf of the client
  • Physical security including security guards and close circuit TV surveillance
  • Highly secure data and privacy protection mechanisms
  • Digitalisation of documents for real-time retrieval and assessment
  • Life-cycle support

Our Citizen Service Centres accommodate all the above mentioned services, acting as “one-stop-shops”, which deliver a wide range of civic services. This unique integrated and managed business model offers the following benefits to our clients:

  • Streamlined operations
  • Improved decision-making
  • Digitalised processes
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • High quality, technology-enabled and accessible services
  • Robust authentication systems utilising leading edge biometric technology
  • Strong data security
  • Effective credential management
  • Greater efficiency and integrity of public-facing services
  • Extended accessibility to a wider range of services, entitlements and digital platforms
  • Value for money



Brian Davidson
Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Thailand

Hugh Keachie
Customer Service Excellence Standard Assessor at Centre for Assessment (CFA) in Manchester, UK

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