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Partnering Governments. Providing Solutions.

Dubai Visa Processing Centre

  • Dubai Visa Processing Centre (DVPC) is an exclusive facility of VFS Global for Emirates and Government of Dubai
  • DVPC operates 29 Dubai Visa Application Centres (DVACs) in 16 countries
  • DVPC also operates DVPC online business in over 180 countries
  • DVPC has launched the transactional DVPC UAE Visa Mobile app which is available to Emirates customers in over 180 countries. The free app can be downloaded from the Google play store or the iOS app store
  • DVPC has processed over three million UAE visa applications globally since inception in 2002

Dubai Visa Processing Centre (DVPC) is an exclusive facility of VFS Global for Emirates and the Government of Dubai for processing UAE visa applications. VFS Global commenced its operation for Emirates with the launch of DVPC in 2002. In the last 15 years of operation, as at 30 September 2017, DVPC has expanded its network to 29 Dubai Visa Application Centres (DVACs) in 16 countries. VFS Global has processed over three million UAE visa applications globally for Emirates since the inception of DVPC.

VFS Global also operates DVPC online business in over 180 countries through

The service portfolio of DVPC includes:

  • Visa services and Express Visa services
  • Contact centre and email support cell
  • Dedicated websites in different languages
  • Dedicated mobile app for UAE visa applications
  • DVPC also operates B2B online travel agent system to facilitate online submission of visa applications and documents by travel agents

Brian Davidson
Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Thailand

Hugh Keachie
Customer Service Excellence Standard Assessor at Centre for Assessment (CFA) in Manchester, UK

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