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VISA to South Africa
Welcome to the website of South African visa application centre in India. The South African visa applications can be submitted at the below visa application centers in India.

Following Visa Application Centre falling under preview of South Africa High Commission, New Delhi

1. Kolkata
2. Jaipur
3. Gurgaon

Following Visa Application Centre falling under preview of South Africa Consulate General, Mumbai

1. Ahmedabad
2. Pune
3. Goa
4. Bangalore

For Prospective Applicants

Applicants who wish to apply for a Visa are requested to kindly read the information on this site carefully. The guidelines listed on this site are to help you prepare your documents as accurately as possible. This will reduce the risk of your application being incomplete or take a longer time to being processed.

Please note that in some cases personal appearance may be required at the South African High Commission, Delhi and the Consulate General of the Republic of South Africa, Mumbai prior to a decision being taken on your application. The VFS Visa Application Centre shall assist you to take an appointment for the same.

Important Note: -

1. Applicant are requested to complete the Visa Application Form with their own details like contact no., email id etc. this information would help VFS and South African High Commission to reach you in case of any of any additional requirement.
2. Whichever documents getting submitted from India (like NOC from Indian company, Covering letter etc.) needs to be in Original for all the Categories.
3. All the documents from South Africa needs to be attested by Commissioner of Oaths for all the Categories.
4. Bank Statements and Pay Slips needs to be Stamped and Signed by the concerned authority for all Categories.

Step 1 : Before applying, please ensure you are very clear on your ‘purpose of visit’ – do remember we are here to assist and help you through the entire visa application process but are not permitted to advise or guide you on choosing a visa category. Since our work is primarily administrative in nature, we have no say on whether you will be granted a visa and how long it will take to process, as this is entirely the prerogative of the High Commission and Consulate General. You may refer to the link ‘All about Visas’ to understand details of various visas.
Step 2 : Complete your visa application form and affix your photograph. You may download the form from this website.
Step 3 : Ensure photos are as per specifications.
Step 4 : Attach all supporting documents required as per checklist. Make sure your application is complete. Incomplete applications are not accepted.
Step 5 : Submit your application at the VFS centre along with the applicable fees in cash
Step 6 : Track your application online
Step 7 : Collect your passport from the VFS centre or wait for courier delivery.

The Processing time of the application at South African High Commission, New Delhi is Minimum 05 working days* and for Mumbai is Minimum 05 working days*. Please note that this is an indicative processing time only. Processing time may increase or decrease at the discretion of the South African High Commission & the Consulate General of Republic of South Africa.

For Delhi Submissions:
with effect from 01 May 2016 All the group applications  (more than 50 applications) the agent/sponsor or host of the group needs to get an appointment from South Africa High Commission, New Delhi , before submitting at VFS.

Request for appointment with South Africa High Commission may be sent to infoza.india@vfshelpline.com and we will revert with a date and time.

For Mumbai Submissions:
For group tour (more than 10) the sponsor or host of the group should email spreadsheet with details of applicants prior to submission. Appointment  for submission should be arranged with VFS.

Please ensure you read the security regulation notices before you visit the Visa Application Centre.

You can track your application by entering your Reference Number and your Date of Birth. Please click here.

Important: SMS will not be delivered to Mobile Nos. registered with DND facility of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.
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