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Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has entered into a contract with VFS Global for provision of visa processing services in Algiers and Oran, Algeria. Subsequently, VFS Global has appointed Mawaredhouse as Service Partners to provide these services. Thus the Spain Visa Service Centre is a service provided for the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Mawaredhouse on behalf of VFS Global
Mawaredhouse provides logistic services to visa applicants seeking an entry into Spain and is only responsible for the following:
To receive from an applicant his / her passport, completed visa application form, supporting documentation (collectively, the "Documents") and the applicable fees
To submit the Documents to the Spanish in Algiers or to Consulate General of Spain in Oran on behalf of the applicant
To collect the relevant Documents back from the Spain Embassy in Algiers and the Consulate General of Spain in Oran after completion of all formalities, and return the relevant Documents back to the applicant by hand delivery
Notwithstanding anything else to the contrary, the Spain Embassy in Algiers and Consulate General in Oran reserves the right to ask for further documentation, personal appearance of the applicant at the Consulate General or Embassy Office as well as to refuse the issuance of visa.
In certain cases, instead of the aforesaid procedure, the Spain Embassy in Algiers and Consulate General in Oran will hand over the relevant Documents to the Applicants directly.
Mawaredhouse takes every reasonable precaution while handling the Documents of applicants. However Mawaredhouse shall not be responsible in any matter whatsoever to the applicant for any Documents which are lost in transit by accident, theft, natural calamities (act of God) or any other reason outside the control of, or not arising out a willful of Mawaredhouse
The applicable Algerian law allows the exclusion or limitation of liability for the circumstances mentioned above
The application fees once received by Mawaredhouse from the applicant will not be refundable, in case the services mentioned in the part ii of this disclaimer are rendered completely, irrespective of whether or not the desired visa is granted by the Spain Embassy in Algiers or Consulate General in Oran to the applicant
Mawaredhouse, in its sole discretion, may change, amend, cancel or withdraw any or all of the terms and conditions mentioned herein at any time without any prior notice. if an applicant is dissatisfied with the changes being made, the applicant's sole and exclusive remedy is to refuse the services which VFS global provides
Any claims or disputes arising in relation to the services provided by Mawaredhouse to applicants shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Algeria
The applicant hereby accepts and confirms that the applicant and / or his / her representative, prior to submitting the visa application, has read, understood and agreed to be bound by, without limitation or qualification, all of the terms, conditions and details provided herein

Mawaredhouse and VFS Global declare that they shall not disclose, distribute, reveal, give or sell any of your personal information to any third party unless your prior consent or legally obliged to disclose such information by a court order or any other legal process